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Ólafur Guðsteinn Kristjánsson zapošljava Restaurant Fjalladýrð is looking for two skilled chefs

Tourist service Fjalladýrð - restaurant Fjallakaffi posao :: Restaurant Fjalladýrð is looking for two skilled chefs

The tourist service Fjalladýrð was founded in the year 2001 and is located at Möðrudalur farm, only a stone's throw away from the ring road 1.

The location offers beautiful panoramic views and is located nearby the main tourist attractions in the northern part of the Icelandic highlands.

Fjalladýrð offers accommodation, highland tours and the restaurant Fjallakaffi.

The farm has been said captures the adventurous spirit of the wilderness.

The restaurant seats up to 80 guests and its kitchen proudly uses only the best local ingredients direct from the Möðrudalur farm.

During the summer months up to 18 people from all over the world come to work at Fjalladýrð and to represent its spirit.



Tourist service Fjalladýrð - restaurant Fjallakaffi traži :: Restaurant Fjalladýrð is looking for two skilled chefs

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Ólafur Guðsteinn Kristjánsson

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Tourist service Fjalladýrð - restaurant Fjallakaffi
Modrudal 701, Egilsstaðir, Iceland  
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in the north-east of Iceland

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cca 3.600,00 EURO za 172 radna sada + prekovremeni

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1-3 godine

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The restaurant needs two well-organized, neat, and creative chefs, that can work well under pressure, who can cook for a short stopping groups coming for lunch, work ,,la carte“ during busy evenings.

The chefs are required for the period from 10th of May to 10th of October. It's vital that both chefs are present during June, July and August.

The kitchen is well organized and convenient.

Salary will be 420.000 ISK per month for 172 hours work after taxes (about 3.600,00 EUR) in the case of two chefs working on shifts.

It will be paid extra for more than 172 hours per month.

The work starts around 10 AM and finishes 10 PM , depending on the time of year.

Food and housing are free of charge.

The number of working days per month is a matter of negotiation, and depends on if there will be one or two chefs working during this time.


- Upon arrival in Iceland the restaurant arranges transportation from Reykjavík in the south to the north-west where Fjalladýrð is located.

 - The return journey home in October is paid for by the restaurant.



The menu can be found in a PDF-document here below and the Facebook page is fallowing:



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